{New Layout} Somehow I Knew

Hello there. Happy Monday to you. I've been super, super busy ... hence the silence here on the blog. I'm about to hit my last pressing deadline this week, and I'm hoping to be able to turn my focus to catching up on some personal projects, like Project Life and Week in the Life. I also have some new goodies to add to my shop, but just haven't had time.

Anyway. I have a new creative team layout to share ... this one was created for Simple Scrapper and was inspired by one of the October story starters. As soon as I read the list of story starters, I knew exactly what I wanted to scrap about ... me + Mike way back when.


Journaling reads:

We were siting across from each other in the Fishbowl: me the editor, you the reporter. I took notes of how you wanted to cover a music festival. You took notes about how I wanted you to cover the festival. Somewhere in between all the planning, “I broke up with my girlfriend,” slipped out of your mouth. When my heart caught those words, the thought “I’m going to marry him” played on repeat in my head. At that moment, we were just friends … really, just casual friends. Mostly I was your boss and you were my employee. But for some reason, I knew. I knew we’d end up together. Four months later we were dating. Eight months later we were living together. And 18 months later we were married. Since that moment in the Fishbowl, life has marched on: two states, two houses, job changes, two kids, tumors and surgery. But one thing remains the same: I loved you then and I love you now. It was always meant to be you and me.


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