Stand up and support the fallen

I am the granddaughter of a WWII vet. I am the niece of a Vietnam vet. I am the cousin of an Air Force Doctor currently serving. I am the sister of a retired Army soldier. I am the sister of a former Army soldier. I am a sister of a Cost Guard member currently serving. I am the sister-in-law of a former Navy seaman. I myself spent 14 years serving my country both on active duty and in the reserves. I don't say much online about politics, as my beliefs are personal and I'd rather not debate them here. However, as a former member of the military with many family members and friends still serving, I am embarrassed and ashamed of my entire government (both sides of the aisle). Denying death benefits to a solider's family is unacceptable. Those warriors deserve better, as do their families.

Consider donating if you can (there are more places to donate, but here are a few I found):

Fisher House

Service Member Emergencies 

Or writing your state representative (I wrote and tweeted mine).