{Family} Perks of living close to family

I'm a huge, unapologetic fan of Arizona. I really love it here. I love the weather. I love the location (close to the West and nearly all my family). I love the culture. But most of all I love that ALL of Mike's immediate family lives here. We have regular family dinners. We do babysitting swaps. My kiddos do sleepovers with their grandparents all the time. We have holiday traditions (I cook the Christmas Eve chile con carne now from a recipe that Mike's Great-Great Aunts used in the 30s). But the greatest perk is seeing my children love and connect with their cousin. Aside from Shelby and Cooper, there is just one other cousin in town ... Andrew. He just turned one and he's a hoot. We love having him over (gives me my baby fix) and it's so fun to see him interact with Shelby and Cooper.

Shelby adores Andrew and the feeling is mutual. She is so, so good with him. She's always willing to help with him. And she's often found snuggling or playing with him. The other night Andrew was over and Shelby was making him laugh these full belly laughs. It was awesome. Mike managed to get a video of it ... enjoy!