Vegas: Life is Beautiful Fest

LifeIsBeautifulFest Mike and I took a quick trip to Vegas this last weekend. He was working (covering the Life is Beautiful festival for Las Vegas CityLife) and I just went along for the ride.

We stayed with Arnold, Mike's best friend, and did all of our favorite things: frozen custard at Luv It; craps at Jerry's Nugget; music downtown; burritos at Los Tacos ... we did a lot of eating. A lot. We also got to see lots of our friends; see a ton of cool art; and rock out to some of our favorite bands.

Capital Cities was my surprise favorite. The street art everywhere you turned was amazing. I loved Vampire Weekend's set, so much fun. But my favorite moment was when The Killer played "Viva Las Vegas." I love The Killers. They remind me of home. I know, it's a weird thing to say. But The Killers were exploding when Vegas was my home. Mike wrote their first major (national) story while I was his editor. Their music reminds me of living in Vegas; meeting Mike; getting married; and ultimately creating our little family. Las Vegas is home to us, since that's where our family started. And the Killers are our soundtrack.

We're so blessed to be able to skip on over to Vegas for a quick weekend getaway. We're blessed to have family (and Miss Kimberley) to help us with the kids. It was so much fun to be back "home" for a few days, but it was also wonderful come home to our forever home. I love Vegas + Arizona, so it's totally awesome we can be there and back in no time at all.