{Simple Scrapper} #Selfie

Cooper is quite the character. He's constantly cracking us up. The more he makes us laugh, the more he wants to make us laugh. I often pick up my phone to find he's taken a zillion pictures (mostly of himself) or filmed a video or two. It's always a treat to see what he finds interesting enough to snap a photo of. I created a layout (below) with a collection of Cooper selfies I recently found on my phone. There were about a 100 pictures snapped in a matter of seconds. The silly face is totally Coop. For the layout, I made a collage of "some" of Coopers selfies using PicMonkey's collage tool. Totally easy and fast. To make things even easier, I stuck with my current favorites: Just Jaime's October 2014 Storyteller Kit and a premium template (Nov. 2014) from Simple Scrapper. I think it took me less than 30 minutes to make this page, which is is perfect for my full and crazy schedule. I love easy layouts.

#Selfie | Simple Scrapper | Kimberly Kalil Designs


Someone “borrowed” my phone and took some photos. By some, I mean about 100. And by photos, I mean a series of super silly selfies. Cooper loves, loves to take photos of himeslf. The sillier the better. He’s such a goofball and so full of life. I hope he holds onto this fun, uninhibited part of himself. I adore him so much. I look forward to the next time he “borrows” my phone.


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