Right Now: November 2014 Edition

Right Now| Washington DC| Kimberly Kalil Designs Relishing ... a good night sleep in my own bed. Last night was the first time I've slept in my bed in almost three weeks. I love my comfy bed and am so glad we sent the extra money to get that fancy Tempur-Pedic (memory foam) mattress. It's so worth it.

Bracing ... for another two weeks on the road. I hit the road again today (I was home a whopping 22 hours), this time for business. I'll be back home on Friday, for two whole nights (I say that with joy, since most of my stops at home have been just a few hours) .... and then back out for my last trip of the month. I've been traveling (for work and pleasure) every week since early October. I'm ready for a break.

Sorting ... through the 1000+ photos Mike and I took during last week's family vacation to Washington DC. We hit DC hard and tried to show the kiddos as much as we possibly could in a week. We did the monuments. We went to museums. We saw forts. We ate yummy food. It was all around awesome.

Washing and folding ... five loads of vacation laundry. My little family of four makes a lot of dirty clothes. I'm grateful Mike doesn't mind folding laundry, since it's the household chore I like the least.

Already thinking about and planning ... our next family adventure. I love traveling with our kids. Even though it can be more working than traveling with just Mike, it's such an awesome feeling to introduce them to fun and exciting places. In my opinion, making memories through travel is priceless. I didn't travel much as a kid and I've made it a goal to expose my children to more through travel. 2015 is going to have some pretty awesome adventures. I can't wait.

Reading ... Amy Poehler new book, Yes Please. Oh my goodness, it's so good. It's laugh-out-loud funny, but it's also thoughtful and inspiring. Totally love it.

Struggling ... with all the changes my body has gone through since my surgery in May. My thyroid took a dump. My hormone replacement therapy has caused me to gain weight (my already ample chest, is even more ample) and it's brought back my headaches with a vengeance. I'm ready to quit my hormone supplement cold turkey.

Dreading  ... my birthday, which is now less than a week away. I'm having a hard time with 40 and am not ready for it to come. I've never been bothered by my age, until a few months ago. Now I suddenly feel old. I think it has a lot to do with my health issues as of late.

Gearing .... back up for half marathon training. In an effort to combat my health issues and my "feeling old" anxiety, I'm getting back on track for my half marathon in January. Exercise helps me so much ... that and eating clean. I'm going to work on staying on top of my diet and exercise, and hopefully I can get out of my funk.


What's going on with you right now? I'd love to hear all about it.