{Simple Scrapper} This Magical Moment

Hello. Happy December. I can't believe it's already December. I know it's cliche, but this year is flying by. As we enter into the holiday season, it just seems to go even faster. I'd like to try slow things down a bit and savor all the goodness.

I have a sweet layout to share, featuring my three favorite people. This photo was taken atop a Ferris Wheel in National Harbor (Washington, DC) and makes me smile every, single time I look at it ... so much so, I made it the desktop image on my laptop!

Anyway. Our recent trip to Washington, DC was pretty magical. Our kids are at an age where we can travel and explore with little hassle. We can go to museums. We can hit amusement parks. We can endure long flights. And for the most part, they're happy for the adventure. As we gather these great memories and magical moments, I'm increasingly grateful for my family and their ability to bring out the happy in me.

This Magical Moment | Simple Scrapper | Kimberly Kalil Designs

Journaling reads:

I can be pretty cynical. I have trouble finding the beauty and magic with life gets rough. But somehow, I was blessed with these three magicians. They’re my magic. When life gets rough, they wave their magic wands and I can see the goodness. They make every, single day magical. And for that I’m beyond grateful.


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