I don't get it all done

Getting it All Done | My Life | Kimberly Kalil Designs I posted the picture about on Facebook earlier this week with the caption:

No. I don't get it all done. I just manage to hide it well. P.S. There is another load to be folded, but I ran out of laundry baskets and it's still in the dryer. ‪#‎mylife‬ ‪#‎ihatelaundry‬

The crazy part was that this post got my comments than anything else I've posted in ages. All the pretty photos of my kids or my art work got some likes here and there ... and maybe even a few comments. But this photo struck a chord with tons of people, enough so that they commented on it. It's real. It's the truth. It's not pretty, but it's life.

I don't get it all done. None of us do. But that's okay. As one of my friends commented: life is about choices. We can choose to do the laundry or we can choose to snuggle on the couch with our kids. We can choose to do the dishes or we can choose to make art. We all have choices. I hate laundry.I always have. Laundry was my chore as a kid and folding clothes for a family of eight totally sucks. I do laundry because I have to, but I never, ever do it in a timely manner. I'm always behind and it's always piling up. I hide it in my bedroom, so no one ever sees it, but it's there. And like other commenters said, at least it's clean, right? My kids aren't going to die if they have to dig through a basket of clean clothes to get the shirt they want.

Here's the thing: this getting it all done mentality is crap. There are lots of times we just can't get it all done and that's okay. I'm trying to constantly remind myself that we go through seasons: busy seasons, slow seasons, sick seasons, happy seasons, creative seasons, sad seasons ... and in those seasons our focuses are different. Right now, I'm focused on my kids, my art and squeezing all the goodness out of each day. Laundry doesn't fit well into this season, so it's going to sit on the back burner. Maybe a season will come along where laundry is king (I doubt it), an then I'l embrace it.

For now, I want to be honest and real. I want people — me included — to stop sharing just the really pretty, awesome stuff and share the really, nitty gritty moments of life. It's all good. It's all important it. And it doesn't make us any less if we have piles and piles of unfolded laundry.