{Simple Scrapper} XO XO FaceTime

Hello! How's it going? I'm traveling for business again this week. It's my third week in a row. I'm sort of dragging at this point, but I'll be home Friday night and I have nothing booked for awhile. Whoo hoo! Last week, I made this layout about how I use technology — FaceTime specifically — to keep in touch with my family when I'm traveling for work. I got the idea thanks to a Simple Scrapper story prompt (March 2015). Just before I read the prompts for March, I had posted a photo to Facebook of me and Cooper FaceTiming at bedtime. Lots of nights I call home and FaceTime with the kids. I sing them their bedtime songs and even sometimes read them a story or two. It really makes me feel a little closer to home and not so lonely.

XO XO FaceTime | Simple Scrapper | Kimberly Kalil Designs Journaling reads:

Across the miles ... so far away

Keeping in touch over the miles.

Thank you technology.

Making business travel unbearable.

Hello family. Hello home.


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