{Parenting} 5 Ways to Make Work Travel a Breeze

I have a new parenting article up over at Care.com with some great ideas and tips for how working moms can survive business trips. 5 Ways to Make Work Travel a Breeze |  Care.com | Kimberly Kalil Creative

When you're out of town for work, it can leave you and your kids anxious and unhappy. Here are five ways to ease the pains of business trips for you and the family.

Whether you're gone for a night or a week, it's never easy to be away from your children. But your job calls, and sometimes work travel is necessary. Whether it's a weekly occurrence or an annual trip, there are plenty of ways to ease anxiety in your children and yourself.

Susan Newman, a social psychologist and author of "Little Things Long Remembered," says there are a number of ways to help ease anxiety for you and your kids when you have to travel for work. She suggests that you create little, sweet moments of connection with your child while you're apart. The continued sense of connection, even from afar, will ease your kids' sadness about missing you, as well as "help reduce your anxiety about the kids' happiness and minimize any guilt you may feel about being away."