What's in my Purse? Dasani Drops

What's in my Purse |  Dasani Drops | Kimberly Kalil Creative It's been almost four months since I've changed my diet, eliminating gluten, dairy and processed sugar. I'm still going strong (woo hoo for me). It's getting much easier with each passing day, though I still struggle with sugar.

I'm not sure if I mentioned this already, but another thing I've eliminated are the Diet Dr. Peppers and Coke Zeros I was drinking a couple of times a day. My doctor said she didn't want me drinking things that were full of artificial sweeteners. I'm limited to stevia when it comes to using some sort of sweetener for things like tea or iced tea. I found a soda, Zevia that uses stevia as its sweetener. I usually let myself have one Zevia a day, otherwise I drink water. A lot of water. Like 100 or so ounces a day.

But water can get boring. So that's where Dasani Drops Infusions come in. I've started carrying a couple different flavors of the Dasani drops in my purse and when I refill my water bottle or am at a restaurant, I can add a few drops to "spice" up my water. The little bottles are the perfect size to fit in my purse, or even my pocket, so I can enjoy flavor-enhanced water wherever I'm at.

My current favorite flavor is the  strawberry basil. Mike likes the lime flavor, so I have a bottle of that in my purse too. Having these drops on hand makes it so much easier to say no to soda or any sort of sugar-sweet drink. I don't feel like I'm missing out and I'm still drinking lots, and lots of water.

You can get some Dasani drops of your one at your local Target. If you use Target’s Cartwheel app there are some coupons available (within the app) for the Dasani Drops Infusions.


What's in my Purse |  Dasani Drops | Kimberly Kalil Creative

Curious about what else is in my purse? At the moment, my purse is remarkable clean. It's usually a dumping ground for my kids (their stray toys, crayons and snacks). I normally have a book or two in my bag, but right now I'm listening to two audiobooks, so I don't have any physical books to tote about.

1. Wallet Wristlet: I just bought this wristlet at Target and I live it because it's super small, but big enough to fit my phone if I want to leave my big purse at home and just carry it.

2. Trader Joe's Head to Toe Moisturizing Balm: My skin is crazy dry, so I'm never without some sort of lotion. I like this one because it's super rich, but not greasy. Plus, it's only $3.99, so it's a steal of a deal.

3. Stevia drops: Before I discovered Dasani Drops, I started carrying around Stevia drops. I still use them for my tea or Mike's coffee.

4. iPhone 6: I'm rarely without my phone. I love my phone, though now that Mike as the 6 Plus, I kind of have phone envy. Don't you love my case? Mike bought it for more for Valentine's day. I love that you can see the gold of my phone peeking through the sides of the case.

5. L'Occitane Hand Cream: I wasn't kidding when I said I have really, really dry skin. I go through lotion faster than you can say funky chicken. I got a bunch of these tubes of L'Occitane hand cream in my Christmas stocking and I put them in all the various bags I carry, so I'm never without something creamy and soothing for my chapped hands.

6. Dasani Drops: Strawberry Basil for me and Lime for Mike. Just plain yummy,

7. Hand sanitizer: I'm totally weird about germs. I get grossed out pretty quickly when it comes to germs, so I have to have hand sanitizer with me at all times. I'm not picky about the brand, though I often stock up on Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers when they are on sale.

 8. A happy face from Shelby: The other day when I picked Shelby up from school, she gave me this happy face with googley eyes. I tucked it into my purse since I know it will make me smile every time I look at it.

9. Pencil Case: I got tired of trying to hunt down a pencil or pen in my purse. So I put all my writing tools in this cute pencil case.

10. Louis Vuitton Bag: When I got my first travel bonus for work (more than 8 years ago) I went to the Louis Vuitton store and bought this bag. I'd never spent that much money on a purse (and haven't since), but I really, really, really wanted it. It's held up over the years and though I use other purses from time to time, I almost always come back to this bag.


Thank you Markerly and Dasani  for sponsoring this post. I was given free Dasani product, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.