{Health} 10,000 Steps a Day or BUST

10,000 Steps | FitBit | Kimberly Kalil Creative Back in May, I set a goal. I wanted to rack up 10,000 steps for 30 consecutive days. I've been getting at least 10,000 steps most days, but I'd miss a day here or there, so I haven't had a solid 30 day stretch of 10,000 for months. For me, I feel so much better — physically and emotionally — when I get some exercise each day. But for me, it's even simpler than that: I like getting the little star on my FitBit when I hit 10,000 steps and I like to have lots of stars.

Yesterday, I realized I had made it to 60 days: 60 consecutive days of getting 10,000 (or more) steps each day. No matter what, even when I've been traveling I've managed to get 10,000 steps in each day. Sometimes it's easy. Sometimes it's not. But it's become a habit. It's just something I do, even if that means doing laps in my family room at 11 p.m. or running the stairs in my hotel just before midnight.

Now that I'm at 60 days, my goal is of course 90 day (and then it will be 120, and then 150 ... and so on). I think it would be cool to go a whole year. But I'm going to focus on the next 90 days for now.

This time last year, I was barely getting around. I was recovering from my second surgery in less than a month. MY body was adjusting to surgical menopause. I was a mess. It's amazing to me how our bodies can heal when we show them love and compassion. Moving, even if it's just a slow walk around the neighborhood, has been an key part of my healing process. I feel much more like myself than I did this time last year. And for that I'm grateful ... and will commit to another 30 days of 10,000 steps.

Check back next week for some of my favorite tools that help me meet my daily step goals.