{Parenting} Recycling for Kids: Teach Your Child to Love the Planet

Recycling for Kids | Care.com | Kimberly Kalil Creative

Always wondered how to teach your child to love our planet?  Check out my latest article over at Care.com.


Recycling can be a big idea for little kids to wrap their heads around. Here are a few ways to introduce this concept to your kids, and how to encourage them to practice what you preach.

You care about recycling, but it can be a tough practice to instill in your children without resorting to nagging. However, recycling for kids is the perfect way to get them thinking about the environment and reducing the amount of waste your family sends to landfills. Here are a few tips to get your family on board with recycling.

Why Should You Recycle? According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans generated about 251 million tons of trash but recycled and composted almost 87 million tons of it in 2012. That translates to a recycling rate of about one-third of the trash we create, meaning we generate a lot more garbage than we recycle. Among the benefits of recycling, though, are reduced pollution, conservation of energy, preservation of our natural resources and space savings in landfills.