{Parenting} Energy-Saving Tips Every Family Should Practice

Save Energy as a Family | Care.com | Kimberly Kalil CreativeAlways wondered how to teach your child to love our planet and save energy along the way? Check out my latest article over at Care.com that shares 9 energy-saving ideas.


Whether you want to slash your energy usage to save the planet's resources, or you're just looking for ways to bring down your monthly bills, you'll want to check out these energy-saving tips to get you moving toward that goal. Conserving energy and energy efficiency enable us "to do more with less energy," says Chase Ezell, managing editor of Earth911. "Energy efficiency saves you money, improves the economy, is good for the environment ... and enhances quality of life."

Teaching kids early to take care of the planet and use less energy can create behaviors that last a lifetime. "If you adopt environmentally responsible practices in your home, your kids will absorb that information without much effort," says Erin Pruss, a senior marketing vice president at Recyclebank. "They hear it, they see it in use, they ask questions and they learn it."

Here are nine energy-saving tips every family should practice. These ways to save energy not only help the planet, but they may also put a little cash back into your family's pocket.