{Simple Scrapper} Road Trip

The year I was turning 40, I made a list of things I wanted to do before that "big" birthday. I didn't manage to cross everything off my list before I turned 40, but I decided to keep working on the list even after my birthday. Eventually, I'll cross everything off. On the list was to take a girls trip with Shelby. Earlier this month, we did just that. We took a road trip to San Diego to meet up with my  best friend and her girls so we could see One Direction in concert. When Jennie asked us to come to the concert way back January, I immediately said yes. Saying yes to more adventures has been a goal of mine. I've known Jennie since I was 13 and was in the delivery room when her oldest daughter was born. She was there when Shelby was born. We've been friends forever, but because we lives so far away from each other and have extremely full lives, we don't spend as much time together as I'd like. When I said yes to this adventure it was also because I wanted to make sure I was still nourishing this extra special friendship. I'm so glad I said yes. I'm so glad we drove more than 800 miles roundtrip to play with people we love dearly. I'm so glad my daughter is connected to people who've known me forever and has her own dear friendships with Jennie's girl. Simply put, it's amazing and magical.

I created a scapbooking page to honor this special adventure. I used a Simple Scrapper premium template from the August 2015 Collection, as well as Just Jaimee's Hadley Storyteller Kit.

Road Trip | Simple Scrapper | Kimberly Kalil Designs


Journaling reads:

One girls’ road trip. 824 miles driven (round trip).Four life-long friends. Two hotel rooms. 195 dollars for each ticket. Six preteen/teen girls and a boy. Five $5 water bottles Eight ice-cold beers. Four sets of ear plugs. One dreamy boy band. Zillions of screaming girls. Countless selfies. One band member falling on stage. One security guard run in. Four band t-shirts and one band hat purchased. Two hours stuck in the parking lot leaving the concert. Three dashes to the port-a-potty. 542+ times concert videos replayed. One Denny’s meal at 2 a.m. Saying yes to an adventure + making priceless, life-long memories.


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