{Parenting} Tips to Practice More Positive Parenting

Positive Discipline | Care.com | Kimberly Kalil CreativeInterested in implementing some more positive discipline strategies? Check out my latest article over at Care.com that shares 9 tips to practice more positive parenting.


Are you tired of constantly yelling at your kids? Have you been vowing to use more positive discipline in your household, but don't know where to start? Parenting "positive is about helping our kids learn what to do rather than what not to do," says Andy Smithson, a social worker and developer of the TRU Parenting program. "It's about helping them solve problems rather than punishing them for having problems."

Here are nine tips to help you as you transform your parenting style and implement positive discipline in your home:

Control Your Temper

Disciplining your child in anger rarely has a positive outcome. "It doesn't take a child long to focus on the anger and not the mistake they've made," says Jim Fay, a founder of the Love and Logic parenting approach. "We need to train parents to react to their kids differently." Learning to manage your emotions and reactions is the most important skill for effective positive discipline, Smithson adds. "Learn to be aware, to be able to sit with your emotional reactions and then to make positive, kind and empathetic responses."