{Family Time} Flagstaff Weekend

 Over Labor Day weekend we headed to Flagstaff for some family time and a visit with friends. As the kids get older, our family trips are less work and more fun. There's no more hauling around a diaper bag or planning our day around naps. I look forward to our adventures and feel more relaxed during our time away. 

With each trip and each passing year, there are so many moments that I was to freeze and keep forever. 

I want to remember how much they enjoyed the fair, even though it was raining and so cold. 

I want to remember Shelby holding Cooper's hand as they ran from ride to ride. 

I want to remember how fearless Cooper was. No ride was too big or too scary for him. If Shelby was going on it, so was he. 

I want to remember the look of pure joy as the spun around one of those crazy rides I wouldn't be caught dead on. 

I want to remember how the both slept in past 9 a.m. after our late-night adventures. This never, ever happens.

I want to remember how Mike and I powered through a very tough run. The altitude difference and steep inclines almost broke us. But we did it. And it felt like such a huge accomplishment. 

I want to remember how easy it was for Cooper to settle back into his friendship with Cael. They see each other a few times a year, but the way Cooper acts and talks to Cael you'd think they see each other every day. 

I want to remember shopping with Shelby and hitting up all her favorite places in Flagstaff. 

I want to remember Shelby getting treats at the sweet shop and how she made sure she got something special for her brother. 

I want to remember a fully-clothed Cooper running through the sprinkler park at the outlet mall. He had to be stripped down to nothing and rode the rest of the way home in underwear. 


Until our next adventure, I'll hold these memories close to my heart.