{Health} Favorite Whole30 Recipe

Mike and I finished our first Whole30 on August 30th. We "thought" we'd be dying to go back to eating whatever we wanted, but we weren't. My doctor has me on a pretty restrictive diet, so there wasn't much I could add back in. And truthfully, eating the Whole30 way felt better for us.

So, we started another round. We're 10 days in and it's much easier for me the second time around. We didn't really splurge during our week off, so I didn't have to go through a detox process like I did the first time around (whoo hoo!).

Over the course of the last 6 weeks we've definitely found some of recipes we love and keep coming back to. My all time favorite (so far) is Sonoma Chicken Salad. I found it doing a search for easy Whole 30 recipes and it's both easy and SO yummy. Even if you're not eating a Whole30 diet, you should totally try this. It's quick. It's refreshing (it's still super hot in Arizona). And it's really delicious (I know, I already said that ... but it's worth repeating). Make extra to have for lunch the next day, it keeps really well and is just as good the second or third day.

Sonoma Chicken Salad (posted by @danikabrysha)

2 large cooked chicken breasts (organic, free-range if possible), diced 1 cup red grapes, halved 1 cup celery, chopped 1 avocado, diced

Sauce: 1/2 cup Whole30 Mayo (recipe at whole30.com) 2 Tbsp fresh dill, minced 2 Tbsp fresh chives, minced 1/2 tsp garlic powder Salt and Pepper to taste

In a small bowl, whisk together all sauce ingredients. You can also do this in a food processor, pulsing a few times. Depending on desired consistency, you can add a teaspoon or two of water or unsweetened coconut milk to thin the sauce. In a separate bowl, combine chicken, grapes, and celery. Using a large spoon,combine salad mixture (except avocado) with sauce. Add avocado last, as to not smash it into guacamole salad.