Girl Scout Cookies 2017 Shelby is selling cookies again, to help pay for her Girl Scout service trip to Costa Rica later this year. She's worked so hard the last few years to save for the trip. But I'm not surprised ... when she decides to do something she digs in and goes to work. She's

This is Shelby's fifth cookie season (yikes) and my second as the tro0p cookie manager (double yikes). It's amazing to watch Shelby's growth year to year and to see all the things she learns thanks to Girl Scouts and her cookie business. She's not afraid to stand up in front of 125+ local businesswomen and sell herself (and her cookies). She single-minded when she marches into a local business and asks them to partner with her to get cookies to our military. And when she recorded this video, she is fearless when she asks people to consider donating cookies to feed the homeless, a cause she's taken up herself and does on a regular basis.

I'm so proud of this kid. She's smart. She's strong willed. She's hard working. She's funny. And she's growing into a poised young woman who will no doubt change this world.

If you are interested, you can buy cookies from her here. You can also donate cookies to the troops from that link as well. If you want to get cookies for Shelby to add to care packages for the homeless, you can buy cookies on the site and select "Girl Delivery" and Shelby will add those to her care packages.