{Parenting} Our Children Can Be Our Teachers

Shelby asked me to take her to Target after school. She wouldn't tell me why, because she was afraid I'd say no. When we got there, she grabbed a cart and took off on her own. Eventually, I caught up with her, and her cart was filled with crackers, raisins, granola bars and water. She had decided — on her own — she was going to make bags for the homeless. She wants to keep the snacks in our car, so when we see a homeless person we have something to give them. She even got dog food so she had something for the their pets. 

She paid for all of this with her own money ... Christmas money she received from her Granda Linda. I'm not sure I know a lot of kids who would voluntarily use there Christmas cash to feed to homeless, but I'm not the least bit surprised she did. That's who she is. She feels so much for those less fortunate than her. Her compassion is astounding. I know I was given this precious, astute soul because I need to learn more about sacrifice, compassion and acceptance. 

I could not be prouder of the woman she's growing into. May we all be as kind as she tries to be. 

Note: she didn't want me to take her picture or make a big deal about this. Her intentions are so pure. But I share this because I though we could all learn from her example.